Don’t Buy a Chromebook

Chromebooks thrive in schools. Unfortunately, they are terrible for students and create tons of waste.

Brad LaPlante
5 min readFeb 14, 2024

If you’re thinking of buying a new computer, don’t buy a Chromebook. Or at least, don’t if you’re not 80 years old and are going to use it to check email or find recipes online.

If you’re a student, even in high school, I would highly advise against it. High schools receive them for students because they are inexpensive compared with full laptops and schools are really providing them to write essays.

Google announced ChromeOS in 2009. Its initial intention was designed to be a user’s secondary device, such as a tablet or “netbook.” It was never designed to be a primary device. I still agree with that.

Many people find Chromebooks to be attractive because they have a low price-point, are relatively quick, and schools love them because kids can’t do things like play The Sims during class. And if you’re in grade school, sure, a Chromebook may be fine.

Chromebooks have also made significant progress in the last several years, gaining the ability to run Linux, Windows in a virtual machine, and can even run Android apps. Still, there are so many shortcomings regarding Chromebooks. Here’s why you shouldn’t buy one.