I finally ditched Safari — here’s why

The time has come.

Brad LaPlante


Anyone who knows me knows I love Safari. I would die for Safari. I think it’s simple, quick, and easy to use. In fact, Apple says it is the fastest web browser you can use for Mac. I believe them.

I don’t like Google Chrome. Firefox is old and outdated. I would never use Microsoft Edge no matter how much I’m begged to use it. Opera is…well, Opera. Brave isn’t anything special, like hundreds of you told me it was.

There’s a new player. It is Arc.

Arc is made by The Browser Company and it is still in development. I’m using it through an early-access student release from this month. The public can sign up via waitlist. It might be the greatest web browser of all-time.

Here are my favorite features.


Aesthetically, Arc is beautiful. Upon launching, users are greeted with the following screenshot.

The browser is branded as a “new web experience.”

Too many browsers feel cluttered. I’m not speaking of Safari but Chrome, Firefox, and Edge all feel like there is too much going on.