These are the best albums of 2022

What an awesome year it was.

Brad LaPlante
4 min readDec 22, 2022

Music was in full swing this year. Taylor Swift released Midnights, Harry Styles released Harry’s House and my favorite Norwegian pop artist Sigrid released How to Let Go.

Between these were massive indie hits, such as The 1975’s Being Funny in a Foreign Language.

At the end, I’ll provide the opposite of an “honorable mention,” maybe a “dishonorable mention” — albums that I was anticipating, but fell flat or dull.

Taylor Swift: Midnights (pop)

Republic/Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift seems like she’s been everywhere. From her country self-titled album to mixes of pop and country to full-blown pop then to indie now back to pop. She does it all.

While Midnights may not be my favorite LP of hers (that space is held for Lover), the album is one of the most earnest she’s written. Plus, her and Jack Antonoff never go out of style.

The 1975: Being Funny In a Foreign Language…