Why ‘Home Alone’ Is a Bad Movie

The second one is better than the first

Brad LaPlante
4 min readFeb 19, 2024
Macaulay Culkin in ‘Home Alone’

Home Alone is a Christmas classic. First released in 1990, the Macaulay Culkin-starring film tells the story of Kevin, whose family is spending the holidays in Paris. During the frantic rush to the airport in the morning, Kevin accidentally gets left behind.

The movie trudges on as Kevin’s mom contacts local authorities and tries to will her way back home, though many flights are delayed or canceled due to an impending snowstorm. Meanwhile, back home in suburban Chicago, Kevin’s house is getting robbed and he’s rigged the entire place with traps to fend off the house from two morons, Harry and Marv.

Kevin is portrayed as a brilliant and sweet boy who ultimately misses his family despite the fact that they sort of hate him. Harry and Marv are two idiots who eventually get arrested for numerous break-ins throughout the Chicago area and then escape from prison just in time for Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. Somehow, I cannot bring myself to believe that Harry and Marv are smart enough to escape from a prison with zero guards or staff, let alone one that is secure.

Kevin’s family also hates him. He is isolated for being annoying during both movies. What’s even more frustrating is that his family still treats him with disdain in the sequel even after…